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The reason we ask that you have dry, unwashed hair is because we like the hair to have a bit of build up in so it will stay in the style better. If the hair is too soft it does not stay as well. Your hair will still look clean and beautiful when we are done!

Yes, Your skin and eyes are primed. Your liner and mascara are waterproof as well. You can touch your face and tear up if you need to! Your make-up will remain where it is supposed to!

You can still apply make-up and maintain a fresh natural look. The reason it is good to apply make-up is because you will be taking numerous pictures and you need to be able to stand up to the lighting and your outfit. You will still feel like yourself and look gorgeous in all of your photos!

Yes, Eye 4 Beauty travels to you on location the day of your special event! If you are under an hour from our location, then travel is free! We come in with all of our supplies, set up, and you go from your comfy clothes, to your outfit, and out the door looking fabulous!!

Yes, we have tons of hair tips and tricks to offer you! We can do home parties, or you can come attend a class at the Med Spa where Eye 4 Beauty hosts numerous classes a month! You can also take advantage of my online make-up course at www.tips4makeup.com. (For more details please contact us!)

Bring out your Beauty

Bring out your Beauty

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